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We hope that this edition of our newsletter finds you well. As we inch closer to the global-level climate negotiations at COP26 in Glasgow, scheduled for November, and the upcoming UN Biodiversity Summit in October, discussions around climate action are on hyper drive. With the 2021 assessment report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) furthering the urgency of climate action, it is pressing to have discussions and deliberations on adaptation and its pivotal role in addressing climate change impacts.

Through this issue of our Newsletter, we are delighted to invite you to the Adaptation Futures Conference co-hosted by TERI with World Adaptation Science Programme (WASP) from October 4-8, 2021. We also cordially invite you to our National Conference on COP26 Charter Actions scheduled for October 13, 2021. In addition, we bring to you a report supporting the monitoring and reporting of SDG 12 in India, the launch of an e-Certificate Course on Mainstreaming Urban Climate Action, and how bioplastics can help us deal with the plastic waste problem.
Adaptation Futures Conference
The virtual Adaptation Futures Conference is scheduled from October 4-8, 2021. It is the Sixth in the Adaptation Futures international conference series on global adaptation and the first to be held in Asia. Co-hosted by TERI with the World Adaptation Science Programme (WASP), it aims to serve as a platform for a range of stakeholders across the world to facilitate dialogues towards action-oriented solutions to tackle climate change. Underscoring the broader theme of adaptation, which is also a key point of deliberation in the upcoming COP26, the Conference will hold discussions around the themes of: governance of adaptation; limits to adaptation; fairness and equity in adaptation; knowledge for actions; nature-based solutions; and financing adaptation.
Adaptation Futures 2020
  National Conference on COP26 Charter of Actions
With just over 30 days left for COP26, we are delighted to invite you to the ‘National Conference on COP26 Charter of Actions’ on October 13, 2021. After five successful stakeholder roundtables held in August 2021, TERI is organizing the ‘National Conference’ to facilitate discussions aimed at raising ambition at the national and global level. The conference will also serve as a platform for the dissemination of the messages from the COP26 Charter, a knowledge document being prepared by TERI.

  Supporting India on SDG12 Monitoring and Reporting
The TERI-UNEP report under the EU SWITCH-Asia initiative is rooted in research and consultative processes. The study aims to strengthen the national indicator framework and reporting process in India on SDG 12. It makes recommendations for the monitoring and reporting of the different nationally defined indicators while considering aspects such as harmonization with targets, policy cycle, data limitations, and feasibility.

  Bioplastics - A Sustainable Solution to our Plastic Waste Problem
The article expands on bioplastics and bio-based plastics as potential sustainable and greener alternatives to conventional commercial plastics. Highlighting TERI’s research on bio-based composites, it details possible applications of biodegradable bioplastics across packaging in turn helping us mitigate the compounding problem of plastic waste management.

  e-Certificate Course on Mainstreaming Urban Climate Action
TERI in collaboration with the European Union International Urban and Regional Cooperation (IURC), the Delegation of European Union in India (EUD India) and National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) launched an e-certificate course on Mainstreaming Urban Climate Action. The certificate course aims to augment the technical capacities policy makers/analysts, city officials, youth and early career researchers engaged in the urban space to address city-level climate change impacts.

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  Adaptation Futures
4th - 8thOctober, 2021
  Waste-Derived Nano-materials: Status, Impact and Future Prospects
7th October, 2021 | 2 PM to 4:30 PM
  National Conference on COP26 Charter of Actions
13th October, 2021 | 11 AM to 1:30 PM
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